Is Your Cat or Dog Driving You Allergy Crazy?

There’s An Easy Solution!

By: Mikki Hogan

Our house is a regular circus when it comes to animals providing a loving home to dogs and cats as well as a ferret and rat. We even have a friendly little rabbit that enjoys a hop around the room on occasion. I’d say when it comes to animal hair I’ve got it! But the truth is I don’t want it! So when I heard of a vacuum that claimed to remove all the animal hair like no other cleaner before I was the first in line at the query table asking questions and doing my homework.

The vacuum that claims to eliminate animal hair is the Miele S7 Cat and Dogvacuum and I must say I think us animal lovers finally have a winner!

The Animal Lover’s Dream Come True

Miele Cat and DogThis vacuum is superior at cleaning behind your beloved pets. Whether it’s shedding season or muddy paw prints you’re sure to be satisfied with the detailed suction this cleaner has. To further attract animal lovers it comes equipped with an activated charcoal filter that eliminates pet odors while you clean.

Unbeatable Maneuverability

The new swivel design makes cleaning a breeze. With increased maneuverability you can cut corners and glide along angles without the jerking motions you’re used to. Each unit comes equipped with spring loaded height adjustment that automatically detects, and adjusts between different surface heights. With the automatic height adjustment your work is reduced big time!

Sealed System Keeps Dust In!

One frustrating part of any vacuum is the particles of dust that seem to inevitably escape the unit, especially when the bag is nearing full. The Miele S7 Cat and Dog vacuum is designed with a sealed construction that revolutionizes trapping dust. This unique construction literally traps all the particles inside the unit, letting none escape.

Durable Construction that is Built to Last

Having a high powered vacuum isn’t the only thing you want when searching for the best. You want a vacuum that is built to last and has the proof to back their claim. These vacuums are tested vigorously to ensure they will last a minimum of 1,000 operations or about 2 years.

They are built with a 1200 Watt Miele Vortex Motor that is slow to start so that it reduces the wear and tear and extends the life of your motor. The body of these units is made from the same plastic used to make football helmets and is both scratch resistant and dent resistant.

What About A Guarantee?

Each Miele vacuum is backed by a 7 year motor warranty and 2 year parts and labor so you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality unit that is intended to last a lifetime.

Ever wish you had a vacuum that led the industry in simplicity?

Miele Cat and DogI think perhaps my biggest attraction, besides the effective removal of animal hair, is how easy it is to switch between cleaning modes. I’m so used to having to turn off my Kirby, twist off the belt and adjust the height with a foot pedal just to go from carpet to floor, and then back again! What a job it is. These vacuums have so many unique features that turn all of those tasks into simple flips of a switch.

  • Each unit is designed with an ergonomic handle with brush roller and suction controls located at your fingertips. The roller brush on/off switch and carpet/floor selector allows you to efficiently clean your floors without having to stop between rooms!
  • The vacuums are designed with a large rotary dial that allows you to adjust suction levels with a simple turn of the knob so you can easily transition from floors to above floor cleaning.
  • It has a lightweight telescopic wand that is integrated right into the unit. This 2 foot wand is easy to adjust and makes cleaning corners quick and easy.
  • The Miele Cat and Dog is also equipped with a built in tool organizer that houses accessories right on the vacuum so you have them at ready access without having to hunt them down.
  • The STB 101 Turbo-brush that fits in the palm of your hand is an air driven brush that easily pulls pet hair off of steps, furniture or other areas your vacuum can’t quite reach.
  • Each unit has an automatic shut off in the event something gets stuck in the roller brush to protect your vacuum motor.
  • Each cleaner has a built in handle on the back of the unit for easy carrying up and down stairs or from room to room.
  • The total operating radius of 55 feet including a 39 foot extra-long power chord lets you go further without switching outlets.

Miele Cat and DogWhat About Cleaning Under Furniture?

All Miele S7 cleaners lie flat with a 6 inch profile and the Cat and Dog is no different. Now you can vacuum under most of your furniture without having to move it out of the way allowing you to get hair that tries to hide out of reach.

9 Stage Filtration Eliminates Everything!

Each vacuum cleaner has a 9 stage filtration system that eliminates the tiniest of particles as they send the dirt through the unit to the air clean dust bag. Each bag has multiple layers making it impossible for dirt to pass through it.

As the bag fills up an indicator light tells you when it’s time to replace the bag. Even during this stage Miele vacuums continue to ensure dust remains trapped. Using a spring-loaded self-sealing bag removal process you can replace your bags without the worries of spilling dirt on the floor.

It’s Not All About The Vacuum

We are all too familiar with bumping along as we vacuum, hitting couch legs and end tables. The Miele vacuum cleaner is surrounded by rubber bumper guards to protect your furniture and base boards. Additionally the wheels are made of rubber to protect even the most delicate floors.

A Quiet Like Never Before

Now you can vacuum without scaring your pets. These uprights are built with a silence insulation that makes for an extremely quiet clean, even while your pets are in the same room.

What others are saying:

Others who have purchased this vacuum are impressed with the quality of this high end vacuum stating it is by far the best vacuum in its price range. Pet lovers are satisfied with how quiet the machine operates and the effectiveness in removing hair from their furniture, even the tough kind.

Why the Miele S7 Cat and Dog?

We all know there are other vacuums on the market that make the same claims as the Miele S7 Cat and Dog. In fact some of those vacuums are even comparable in price. One thing that really makes these cleaners stand out is the time tested results and ease of use. Not many vacuums can stand up and say you can operate every feature with one hand!

Where to Buy

You can probably find Miele Cat and Dog Vacuum through different merchants but the fact is some are better than others. At you’ll find competative prices AND excellent customer support ready to answer your questions through the purchase process. They offer a full 365 day return policy and FREE air shipping making your shopping experience as stress free as possible.

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About the Author:

Mikki HoganMikki Hogan is a long term allergy sufferer of more than 23 years, so when her children developed severe allergy symptoms she was in familiar territory. Her experiences as an allergy sufferer and parent of a child with allergies and asthma has not only given her a solid knowledge base but also a passion for eliminating allergy symptoms safely and effectively. This passion flows throughout her writing and is evident in her new book Your Complete Guide to Allergy Relief.

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