Allergy Armor Ultra Provides Allergy relief without Sacrificing Your Comfort

In the summer of 2009 my 14 year old daughter woke me one night at 2am because something was wrong with her lip. As I flipped on the light nothing could have prepared me for the amount of swelling that engulfed her beautiful face. Being a veteran allergy sufferer I knew right away this was a severe allergic reaction but I didn’t know what caused it.

This was the first night of four agonizing weeks as my daughter had repeated reactions of swelling, hives and asthma attacks. By day four we had epipens in every room and a rushed visit with the allergist. Her results were shocking as we discovered she was allergic to everything they tested for with dust mites being the most severe.

Allergy Armor Ultra BeddingThe allergist had us watch a detailed video on dust mite allergies and minimizing exposure. Then he sent us home with brochures so we could purchase the environmental controls my daughter so desperately needed. The first item on the list was allergy bedding.

After days of research I finally decided to purchase the Allergy Armor Ultra bedding from because of the solid reputation and affordable bedding packages. And I have to say I’m really glad I did.

Customer Service Was Top Notch

As I investigated my options for allergy bedding a lot of questions came up about knowing which pore size I needed and what size of encasement. I sent AchooAllergy an email with my questions and their response time was amazing. They directed me to resources on their site to assist me in selecting the appropriate pore size and how to measure my mattress. I even received a follow up email a couple days later checking to make sure my questions had been answered.

Their customer service remained available to me throughout the entire selection process. It was through their support and knowledgeable staff that I was able to identify that Allergy Armor Ultra was exactly what my daughter needed.

Smallest Pore Size In Allergy Bedding

Since my daughter was allergic to everything including mold, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and on down the list we needed bedding that contained small enough pores to block ALL of the allergens.  At varying sizes these allergens range from the dust mite at 10 microns and pet dander and molds as small as 3 microns. With a pore size of only 2.8 microns Allergy Armor Ultra blocks the smallest of allergens giving you a full night of allergy free rest.

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Highest Quality In Allergy Relief Bedding

To ensure the smallest pore size possible this fabric has been processed with an extra finish known as calenaring. During this process the material is exposed to extreme heat and pressure to shrink the gaps between the threads for a pore size of 2.8 microns.

To offer an even better product these encasements have an antimicrobial finish for long-term protection against mold, mildew, soiling agents and deterioration. And the best part, they are completely washable. Should the need arise simply throw them in your washing machine and tumble dry.

Made from 100% Breathable Polyester Fabric

When you think about putting protectors on your mattress you may be concerned about heating up your bed. Traditionally this has been the case when it comes to allergy bedding. Allergy Armor Ultra was designed with this in mind. The fabric effectively blocks allergens while remaining breathable enough to stay cool while you sleep.

Multiple Sizes to Fit Any Mattress

Whether you sleep on a standard twin or double pillow top mattress you’re sure to find the right size including the long twin and CA king. AchooAllergy even considered the thickness of mattresses designing encasements for mattress depths of 6 inches (crib mattress), 9 inches, 12 inches and 15 inches. They even offer a variety of pillow cover sizes too including standard, queen, king, European square, body, and travel.

Easy to Install

The mattress and box spring encasements slip easily onto the mattress and zip closed for a fast installation. Though the packaging recommends two people many customers, me included, express how easy it was to install the encasements alone. They are designed with a little extra material that easily slips under the mattress to aid in a simple “slip over” the mattress style installation.

Complete Packages for the Whole Bed

When it comes to effectively blocking allergens while you sleep you’ll want to cover your pillows as well as your mattress and box spring. Allergy Armor Ultra bedding packages make this a simple and affordable process. Each package includes two pillow cases, one mattress cover and one vinyl box spring cover.

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What Are You Waiting for?

If you’re ready to start enjoying symptom free nights on a comfortable and affordable allergen barrier head over to and order yours today.


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